This is the old WDFH Westchester Public Radio site, which stopped being updated when WDFH went off the air in the summer of 2013. 

WDFH is now  MEDIA FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD (MFPG).  Please visit the new MFPG site for current information.

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WDFH FM 90.3
Westchester Public Radio
serving NY's lower Hudson valley

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The care and feeding of your local public radio station

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Are you a potential major donor?

We are working to assemble a  committed group of people to join together to build a solid financial base for WDFH. 

Could you give $1,000?  $25,000?  $100,000?  More?

If so, please contact Marc Sophos, WDFH's founder and executive director, at marc -at- wdfh -dot- org or (914) 674-0900 ext. 58.

WDFH is the only public radio station in the lower Hudson valley.  All public radio stations rely on local tax-deductible financial support from listeners and businesses.

Why contribute to WDFH?  More info...

Please consider monthly giving.  It's an easier way to make a significant donation.   $50 a month means a $600 annual donation to WDFH; $100 a month gets you over the $1,000 mark.  But whatever works best for you is fine. 

After you give, please check with your employer to see if it has a matching gift program many companies have one, and it's an easy way to leverage your donation to have a bigger benefit for WDFH.

You can use


Network For Good is more closely aligned with the nonprofit community.

It is only since early 2011 that WDFH has had a studio and a viable signal at the same time.  We've put the pieces together, and we need to build public support in order to move WDFH to the next level.  Please step up and make your contribution today!

Individuals:  Here are ways to support WDFH:

Businesses and nonprofits:  Support WDFH and receive on-air acknowledgement ("Support for WDFH comes from...").  This can generate public goodwill toward your business while you show your support for an important community institution.   More info...

Thank you for supporting WDFH!


Monthly giving credit card or Paypal

Become a monthly supporter of WDFH by making an monthly contribution using your credit card.  Your contribution will be automatically deducted from your account until you cancel your subscription.

Via Network For Good Under "Donation Preferences," click on the recurring donation button.

Via Paypal:

$100 per month

$75 per month

$50 per month

$25 per month

$10 per month

Cancel subscription


One-time contribution credit card or Paypal

If the button doesn't appear, click here to donate online and enter amount manually.

A percentage fee is charged to us on online donations, so if you'd like to contribute more than $100, please consider sending a check directly to WDFH. If you don't see the donation button above, you can still make your contribution online by clicking here. Note:  To use a credit card, press the donation button above.  Then, on the PayPal page, press the button in the middle of the page ("If you do not currently have a PayPal account click here") and enter your credit card info on the next page.


One-time credit card contribution through Network For Good

Go to Network For Good.  Under "Support Any Charity," enter WDFH in the Charity Name field and click on the search button.  Make your contribution using your credit card.


The nice, old-fashioned way: sending a check

Write a check to WDFH or to Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc. (doesn't matter which) and send it to:

WDFH-FM 90.3
Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc.

21 Brookside Lane
Dobbs Ferry, NY  10522

Attention: Pledge


Business and nonprofit underwriting

If you run a business or a nonprofit, you can become a WDFH underwriter and get on-air acknowledgement for your gift.  This can give your business or organization on-air exposure and identify you as a supporter of noncommercial independent media in your community, generating goodwill toward your business.  Please e-mail us at underwriting - a t - wdfh dot org or have a look at our Media Kit.


Employer matching programs

You may be able to leverage your donation into a larger contribution to WDFH many employers will match donations made by their employees to charitable organizations including public broadcasting stations so if, for example, you donate $50 to WDFH, the company you work for might match your support.

It's a great idea, so please ask your employer if it has a charitable contribution matching program.  If it doesn't, ask it to consider starting one!

Why is it important for me to make my tax-deductible contribution to WDFH? 

WDFH is committed to providing you with a thoughtful, commercial-free programming service. That means that your ears, and your intelligence, aren't assaulted by the 18-20 minutes per hour of ads you hear when you listen to commercial radio.  Think about it: that's one third of your listening time wasted on stuff you really don't want to hear.

But (you knew there was a "but," didn't you?)...  Community support is an essential part of the equation.  it costs a lot of money to run WDFH and to develop this relatively new radio station so that it can fulfill its potential and while providing a rare program service with no commercials is a big plus for all of us, the downside is, of course, that we don't have the income that commercials bring.

WDFH Westchester Public Radio is community-supported radio, so we  need your financial support the things we're working for can't happen without your help.  No contribution is too big or too small.

The fine print (and it's not half bad):  WDFH is owned and operated by Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc., a local not-for-profit corporation that is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions are tax-deductible.

To get more information about individual contributions or business underwriting opportunities, send us an e-mail and type "contribution" or "underwriting" in the subject area.  The e-mail address is

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As an anti-spam measure, the address is not clickable, so please retype it into the address line of your e-mail.   Thanks!